Cadence Bank Builds Brand &

Modernizes with iFOLIO Digital Sites


Leadership Introduces Cadence Bank to Businesses with Digital Business Cards and Business Sites

ATLANTA, GA., January 15, 2022 -- In today’s world, technology that builds digital credibility and helps close deals is more important than ever. The Cadence Bank Commercial Banking team needed a more modern way to engage clients then folders of papers, powerpoint decks, and business cards.  They had a goal to go digital with traditional sales enablement and to grow digital presence.

With iFOLIO integrated platform, Cadence Bank supports their sales team digitally with digital business cards and business sites.

The sites help them grow their brand & build digital credibility. They are on brand, but put a face to the relationship developer and help their customers get in touch with click-to-call and click-to-email.  Mobile share means no more forgotten cards because it can be shared from a mobile phone and helps to market more about that business unit and services right from the business card + site.

The Atlanta Cadence Bank Team has extended their digital sales enablement and marketing solution to include LinkedIn profiles and e-signature, turning every email into a marketing opportunity. 


"Building digital presence is important for word of mouth, brand, and referrals. We've gone digital with iFOLIO digital business cards, a business page in our LinkedIn profile, and e-sig buttons. It's important as we build our brand and convey to clients we are modern and in touch."


Senior Vice President, Cadence Bank

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