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iFOLIO | Emerging Media Award for Innovation in Sports


iFOLIO Won the Emerging Media Award for 
Innovation in Sports ~ driving Ticket Sales for Atlanta Falcons

Enhancing Experience for Premium & Ticket Sales

Portfolio Storytelling with iFOLIO | Emerging Media Award


Breaking Through The Noise

In the summer of 2019, Warren Parr, Director of Atlanta Falcons Ticket Sales, realized the game had changed for his sales team.

Armed with mobile phones and lists to call on, how would they break through the noise when today’s fans have so many options for entertainment?

Email boxes are flooded,

open rates are down to less than 10%,

and the current sales strategy for the team was an email.

The Challenge for Sales Across Industries

The top challenge for sales today is to break through the noise, be remembered, & engage buyers all the way to the signed contract.

Attention spans are down to 7 seconds and people are shifting to over 3 hours a day on their mobile devices.

Therefore, buyers now require dynamic, engaging content delivered right to their phone.

iFOLIO’s sales enablement platform uses visual storytelling to drive sales, right where the buyers are - on mobile!


a day on Mobile

According to measurement company Zenith "American adults spent about 3 hours and 30 minutes a day using the mobile internet in 2019... The firm expects that time to grow to over 4 hours in 2021."


average attention Span

A study conducted by Microsoft Corp "indicates that people now generally start to lose concentration after about eight seconds. This figure has been falling over the years and is now at an all-time low."


average Click Through Rate

According to Hubspot 2020 sales research, CTR "lets you easily calculate performance for every individual email you send. It’s also a smart metric to optimize for... The average CTR across industries is 7.8%."

A One-to-One Experience

The Atlanta Falcons now use iFOLIO to deliver digital portfolios directly to mobile phones with text message.

iFOLIOs result in up to 75% open rates on mobile because they shared one-to-one.

iFOLIO tech enabled the Falcons to enhance the typical outreach email, and #RiseUp above all the digital noise for buyers today, with more personalized and digital engagement. 


How Did This Work Exactly?

Ticket sales teams are equipped with a list of warm leads that have an association with the Atlanta Falcons. For inbound leads, iFOLIO works well as an initial point of contact to spark engagement. Reps send a personalized, digital portfolio through 1-1 text message delivery and follow up with a call.

Storytelling and Experiences

The portfolio transports each fan on a night at Mercedes Benz stadium, cheering on THEIR team. Compared to directing people back to the website or sending a stale PDF, iFOLIO delivers a delightful package of a visual share, personalized message, and clickable link. With over 50 multimedia display options, iFOLIO acts as digital marketing on steroids for the Atlanta Falcons!

Reverse CRM®

For outbound leads, the sales team has a digital business card to connect and convert fans on game night.

With just one text, a sales rep’s info saves right into contacts and, on the flip-side, lead info is automatically reported back into CRM.

iFOLIO’s Reverse CRM keeps sales teams focused on connecting with new prospects.


Speeding Sales Cycles

Sales reps guide each fan through the buyer journey with a digital sales presentation for each part of the cycle.

iFOLIO helps the Falcons stand out in the initial interaction, keep the buyer engaged during the buying process, and close contracts with a personalized proposal containing their custom package.

The Falcons reps gauge the buyer interest using iFOLIO's patented analytics.

Data-driven follow-ups help speed sales cycles and enhance customer experiences.


Buyer Cycle


Stand Out


Keep Engaged


Close Contracts


Delivering Results

iFOLIO has helped the Falcons increase ticket sales. 

The leaderboard analytics show the team has

~ over 106 digital presentations across their 36 users in sales, premium, and service teams. 

~ over 7,732 engagements with prospects they delivered iFOLIO presentations

~ An astounding average time in the presentation of

3 minutes and 58 seconds 

Blake said,"My first iFOLIO share resulted in an immediate ticket license."

iFOLIO is proud to be considered for the Emerging Media Award for innovation in sports!

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