iFOLIO & Equifax


How Equifax Is Innovating Customer Introductions with iFOLIO

Equifax Business Connect sales team is in constant pursuit to maximize value at every stage of the customer life-cycle, and Equifax Product Marketing wants to provide innovating tools to enhance engagement.

Learn how Equifax implemented an innovation strategy to equip their sales leaders with digital mental darts to connect and engage customers through iFOLIO platform.

Hear the method behind the decision to incorporate a digital reality into their current sales procedures.

How does iFOLIO meet your innovation needs at Equifax? How does it allow Equifax to deliver on your goals? What are some insights from your team using iFOLIO platform? How does it make current procedures better? Were there any roadblocks you encountered to rolling out this new platform? Richard Ripley, Vice President, Business Development, Equifax

Lee Goldman, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Equifax

Jean Marie Richardson, President, iFOLIO

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