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During 2020, development teams have had to double down on digital, when they can’t be face to face.

Georgia Tech Athletics Development realized they needed a way to stay connected with strategic donors and premium season ticket holders and in the middle of a global pandemic. With an empty stadium and a first game away against renown Florida State University, how should they engage their strategic donors?

Georgia Tech Athletics determined a goal of the kick-off campaign to create a sense of community and provide a delightful exclusive experience with innovative digital activation.


How to Connect in a Personal Way

Stats show that people are spending more time than

ever on their mobile devices.

Georgia Tech Athletics chose iFOLIO to deliver their exclusive digital campaigns, because iFOLIO combines the beauty of private portfolios with the power of push technology via visual text messages and email.

How it Works

iFOLIO campaigns are delivered directly to mobile with:

a) rich text messages

b) private links


Effective Fan Engagement

The portfolio starts with a personal video from Coach Collins

directly directly to season ticket holders:

“Thank you to our GT Football Season Ticket members. We're excited to kick-off the season as the Jackets take on Florida State, and we can't wait to host our fans in Bobby Dodd next weekend! Thank you for all of your support. Go Jackets!”

Inside The Portfolio

  Live embeds to watch the game or listen on the radio

  Game day wallpaper downloads for their phone

  Team booklet

  Links to the team’s sports merchandise

  The new mobile app

  The team and coach’s twitter updated live for a real-time feel and more


The kick-off campaign stats were astonishing:



iFOLIO’s analytics show exactly where the flexible platform generates impressions and more active mindshare within the donor base.

Heat Map Analytics help Georgia Tech Athletics understand which content fans engage with most, block-by-block.

CTR analytics measure pass throughs to other digital content.



Viewers of the campaign spanned 29 states and 4 countries. This was significant because GT has development efforts in France, where 8 people viewed the portfolio.


Hundreds of clicks on links show viewers engaged with other digital assets. Some prioritized the wallpaper download, others enjoyed the game-day link. We were even able to drive traffic to their mobile app.


Although it wasn’t a main priority for the campaign, 11 guests used the ‘Support the Swarm’ form to send funds to the Athletic Association.


Campaign Success

The overwhelming success of the campaign sparked a new energy for Georgia Tech Development.

GT is already planning campaigns for other football games, working on a basketball and baseball campaign strategy, and

preparing campaigns for Tennis, Swim, and Student Scholarships (merit base, need based, and graduate).

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