Marc Salinas

Chief Growth Officer


Prosper, Texas

(469) 855-0300

Creating value through innovation, with expertise in CRM, health care and banking from UnitedHealth Group, Bottomline Technologies, Siebel Systems and IBM

Deep experience in product management, relationship management and delivery, with degrees from Harvard Business School and the University of Texas

Deliver Digital Communications Directly To Mobile 


iFOLIO platform is the digital edge for Sales, Marketing & Service.

Break through the noise!


iFOLIO Helps Companies with Digital Transformation

Shorten sales cycles with iFOLIO® digital presentations

Connect more effectively with push to mobile and lead gen lists

Engage with digital campaigns (text message, visual email, web, social, airdrop)

Convert with patented analytics, Leaderboard, & sales intelligence

 Make work easier with automated workflows and Reverse CRM®

Market Insights

Today's world is visual & mobile.

That creates a challenge for your team when they can't be face-to-face.

Today's buyers have more options and flooded email boxes. It's critical to rise above the noise to engage them.


7 seconds

Shorter Attention Spans



Email Open Rates Suffering


6 hours

Increased time on mobile


iFOLIO Drives Deeper Engagement at the Speed of Digital

· Digital portfolios blending rich immersive content with personalized share
· Public or private web sites and custom urls
· Personalized engagement via text, email, browser
· Detailed reporting & analytics on campaigns, Click-throughs, and response
· Real-time patented Heat map analytics to prioritize leads
· Rules-Based automation for digital communications & automated response for service delivery
· IVR integration including bot-driven response and in-call service delivery
· AWS security, encryption, with optional password-protected links
· Reverse CRM® & Flexible integration with existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems
· Rapid deployment

Shorten sales cycles and optimize client outcomes

Connect, engage & convert with iFOLIO® Cloud digital platform

Transform Digital Communications



Make sales easier with digital presentations, reminders, & calendar notifications.



Connect and engage clients with digital text message campaigns, visual emails, & digital marketing



Enhance customer service with automated digital communications, analytics, and Reverse CRM®

Visual Share in Action

Private digital portfolios,

not indexed by google,

shared 1-to-1 with clients

Push Effectiveness

98% of text messages are read within 10 minutes of delivery

Be 4x More Data Driven with Patented Analytics


See what content is resonating, measure click throughs,

and more with iFOLIO's industry leading analytics.

Trusted & Proven

Proud to Work with 5380 clients


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Core Values




On the Personal Side...

OUTSIDE OF WORK I enjoy cooking, boxing, skiing and ranching!

My current obsession is SICHUAN FOOD, so my kitchen is full of Shaoxing wine, broad bean paste, fermented black beans and other things that are tough to find at Whole Foods...

My latest READING LIST includes:  

Fundamentals by Frank Wilczek
Churchill: Walking With Destiny by Andrew Roberts
A Programmer’s Guide to Computer Science by William L. Springer
The First Seven Ecumenical Councils (325-787) - Their History and Theology by Leo Donald Davis
Dark Sun by Richard Rhodes
The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

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Feature of the Month

iFOLIO can embed all sorts of great digital content.

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Marc Salinas
Chief Growth Officer

Corporate Office:
Salesforce Tower
950 E Paces Ferry Rd, Ste 1555, ATL, 30326

(469) 855-0300

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