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United Spinal Association Atlanta’s Adaptive Video Gaming and Esports Program spawned Nerve Gaming. We feature gamers with spinal cord injuries who participate in competitive tournaments. The games we currently play are: Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Call of Duty : Warzone.

We are looking forward to adding more games in the future!


Meet The Teams

We are players from across the USA who utilize adaptive equipment to compete in the world of Esports.   

Apex Legends


Recruiting New Players

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Charlie Merritt a.k.a. Quadcapable has been gaming since he first played Pong on a dedicated console at his grandmother’s house mid 80s (yes the 1980s). Charlie broke his neck in 2014 forever impacting the way he interacts with the games he plays. He is now at the forefront of assistive technology and adaptive gaming for people who live with impairments that don’t allow them to game traditionally. Utilizing a mouth joystick called the QuadStick™ Charlie has been able to normalize competitive gaming and allow for a level playing field with able-bodied people often referred to as “handers.”

“I love the feeling of beating someone who plays games traditionally...Being able to play at the same level as most people play with their hands but I do it with my mouth.”

Starting shortly after his accident Quadcapable emerged to showcase the use of assistive technology such as the device he uses in hopes to raise awareness for other people in similar situations so they can get back into gaming.

Several days a week you can find Charlie streaming on Twitch an online live streaming platform for gamers.


Sir Phive

Cougar Clifford  raced motocross, road cycles and mountain bikes before his injury in 2014 at the age of 15. He was leaving a high school basketball game in St. Louis when some of his friends and him were jumping into large snow banks, ending with Cougar jumping in head first and shattering his C-5 vertebrae. This meant most of the vertebrae needing to be replaced with a titanium block. After over a year of therapy he'd exhausted all options of recovery St. Louis had to offer and decided to move to Atlanta to continue his progression at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

As he gained back his strength he was naturally drawn to gaming to satiate his appetite for competition and sense of community playing games like Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and Smite. Along with volunteering as a setup consultant for United Spinal Atlanta, he now also competes in Paralympic swimming events and Marathons in his handcycle across the country.

"I look forward to expanding the community of disabled gamers someday have a disabled gaming league"

His use of adaptive equipment is limited by using a Xbox Elite 1 controller and joystick extenders while wearing a brace on his hand to hold his fingers straight.

Call of Duty : Warzone



Derick Gilmore

Has only recently gotten into gaming in the last 2 to 3 years. He broke his neck July 4th 2015 in a freak pool accident, He learned how to play Fortnite with a stylist wedged in between his fingers on his phone with auto fire on. He then upgraded to a Xbox Adaptive Controller about 3 years ago and now the quad stick paired with it within the last year. 

"Gaming and hanging out with my boys brought me out of a lot of really hard and bad times in my life and now I want to show others to not give up and to find that 1 thing that makes you truly happy and put all of your effort towards it"

I've met a lot of great people through streaming and playing games I especially like it when they come in to talk shit and then I explain to them how I play and all of a sudden they switch up and they drop a follow.

You can find him at

With a smile on his face and always cracking jokes



Cameron Piorek

Orange County California

Grew up playing video games all his life until April 2008 after breaking his neck in a high school lacrosse game at 17 leaving him a C6 quadriplegic.

Being unable to use his fingers to work a regular game controller he would more or less give up on videogames and focus his time on school and wheelchair rugby.

That is until 2016 after he watched his friends play Overwatch an saw how much fun they were having without him. He then decided to buy a gaming PC and build his own controller however he could.

6 years later he now plays a number of competitive shooters with his friends on a fight stick and a modded mouse and wishes he had figured it out sooner.



Jackson Reece a.k.a Pitbullreece

In 2007, Jackson was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle  and was paralyzed. Then in 2018, he went septic from a UTI and ended up losing limbs. He is a paraplegic/quad amputee and a huge Carolina panthers fan.

"I play a lot of call of duty on the Xbox Series X and when I’m not playing warzone I’m usually playing Madden or Forza..."

Outside of gaming he enjoys painting and playing with his 2 pitbulls. He is currently training one to be his service dog. His all time favorite video game is Mario cart.

Rocket League



Edward Leatherman

Cause of injury: C6 Quad, broken neck in 2008

Set up - PC only. No use in fingers, so a pencil and a trackball mouse allow him to play. He also uses Xbox controllers when needed.

"change is inevitable.. when in darkness, remember the light will come" -Ed

He wants to share his knowledge to help others that have a hard time gaming well. Ed has a rich history of teaching kids how to play games through streaming early on. He's had the opportunity to stream for companies like Razor and Riot. Accolades also include being a featured streamer for League of Legends.

You can still find him on twitch @



Trevor Simon

Years in Chair: 38 (T4 Para Complete)

Cause of Injury: June 9th 1984 Barneveld WI (F5) Tornado.

Lost both parents and sister and was left in a chair. He grew up in Watertown, WI and lived the past 20 years in Green Bay. He currently resides in Oshkosh.

"A bottle of water can be .50 cents art a supermarket. $2 at the gym. $3 at the movies and $6 on a pane. Same water. Only thing that changed its value was the place..So the next time you feel your worth nothing, maybe you're at the wrong place.."

-Kobi Simmons

Game Rig of choice: PC + Xbox Controller (for any sort of driving game). Keyboard n Mouse otherwise.

Games He specializes in: Rocket League and any sort of Racing game on PC. (I play a bit of forza and like to think I'm quite good. I'm better at Forza than Rocket League)

But Rocket League he's been playing since 2015, currently Champ 1 (div 3) in 2's.

He is also a twitch moderator for VaporRL70YO, the world famous 70 yr old rocket league player. (We also have small ties to the professional Version1 RLCS team thru Vapor, as those guys and their dad's come in play with us and the fans quite a bit.) Also a moderator on the QuadGods discord server (a fellow disabled esports team)



Jaime Morales

T1 Complete para/tetraplegic. A Marine and a SWAT officer, he was shot when he was 28 on duty during a SWAT call. Unfortunately, he suffered his injury due to friendly fire. That didn't stop him from helping people and he uses his motivational tiktok @217strong to reach people with his message of positivity.

"Adapt and overcome..."


Fitness has always been at the center of his life and he is a black belt in (MCMAP) Marine Corps Martial Arts. He loved obstacle courses, which in a way has helped him move past hurdles in his life. OG rocket league player, diamond on his good days.

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United Spinal Association Atlanta was founded in 2019 by Clint Cook. Our focus is bridging the gap between rehabilitation and the home setting so that a person with a new spinal cord injury or any neurological disorder has the resources they need to get back to a normal life.

We provide peer support in and out of rehab and have a monthly support group meeting.


Above: Dr.Tepper , Kevin Kapoor, and Cougar Clifford at MomoCon 2022

Below: The Program's first adaptive gaming clinic with patients from Shepherd Center in Atlanta

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Every Effort has been made to make this website accessible. We want our program to be accessible for all people with disabilities. If you have any questions regarding the program or how to get involved or if you encounter any issues with our site please email :

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Leadership Team

United Spinal Association Atlanta, Inc.



Mitchell Tepper


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President, United Spinal Atlanta


Adina Bradshaw


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Jordan Plank

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