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As the world shifts and people are increasingly spending more time on their laptops and phones, universities have to double down on digital transformation. The University of South Carolina Foundation went digital with iFOLIO for personalized url endowment reports and were able to generate new engagement and even new gifts, including $75,000 from a donor not on their target list.

The University of South Carolina colleges each have a specific fund that donors can give to and every year the university sends out personalized reports containing numbers surrounding each donor's gift: how much was initially given, what it's been used for, how it's performed, and more. It also includes general information about the specific college, and how the college has been performing. In years past, the University of South Carolina has been sending out these reports through printed materials. However, this process is both time-consuming and makes it difficult to see the ROI. By sending it out via print, you cannot see if these are delivered to the right place or even seen.


Through the iFOLIO endowment reports the university was able to increase gifts, including a single $75,000 gift from someone that was not on their target list.


iFOLIO has helped the University of South Carolina go digital by sending out personalized, visual emails to each donor that contain a link to a PURL (personalized URL). These personalized links include:

  • Each donor’s endowment report
  • A video with a personal message from the president
  • A personal message from the dean
  • Information on the college’s progress and accomplishments
  • Call to action button to donate
  • Embedded USC podcast
  • Contact information

iFOLIO's patented analytics enable clients to measure engagement with real-time views of opens, specific content views, click-through rates, average engagement time, and 20 more items.

“Sending personalized endowment reports to our donors is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks we handle each year. We went digital with iFOLIO and the results were incredible – each donor received a PURL (personalized URL) report with everything they need to know and the ability to easily donate all in one link. It turned out better than we had dreamed! Donors were engaged & some reached out to increase their endowment.

- Kaydee Self, Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship, University of South Carolina

After success with the University of South Carolina campaigns, other universities such as Notre Dame University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas have gone on to expand their digital presence with iFOLIO.

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