For use of these services, the parties agree as follows:

INTRODUCTION: Thank you for utilizing iFolio LLC services. This privacy policy applies to use of iFolio site, services, and digital portfolio platform.  iFolio reserves the right to change or modify the Privacy Policy by providing notice that the site Privacy Policy has been modified. By utilizing iFolio’s site or services, you are agreeing to be bound by the Privacy Policy of this service.

DEFINITIONS: Throughout this document we will use certain terms that are defined here:

“Policy” refers to this Privacy Policy

“iFolio” refers to our company, iFolio LLC

“iFOLIOTM” refers to the digital portfolio profile that our solution helps you build.

 “User” refers to anyone who uses iFolio’s site or services to prepare an iFOLIOTM profile or digital portfolio.

“Licensee” refers to any organization that provides iFOLIOTM access codes to their affiliated users.

HOW DO iFolio SERVICES WORK and WHAT IS AN iFOLIOTM? The iFolio platform enables the development of targeted digital portfolios (iFOLIO TM), guided by tools from college admissions, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies, depending on the profile a user is building.  These digital portfolios are hosted online, and can be shared by the user via a unique link that can be password protected, or by download via pdf.  iFOLIO TM (links or pdf documents) can be used in applications, in emails to connect with schools, coaches, or other students, or with companies for job/internships. An iFOLIOTM is a digital portfolio available online which can include: images, Student profile information and images (headshot, contact information, high school), Academic Snapshot (GPA, SAT/ACT, # of AP Courses, Honors, Transcript), iFOLIO (Summary + Key Achievements + Video + image display), Work Experience Section + images, Service Section + images, Activities Section + images, Interests and Hobbies Section + images, Languages & Skills section, College Program Interests, and an Image grid.

DATA PRIVACY: No one is authorized to share your iFOLIO profile without your permission.  The way you share your iFOLIO is through sharing your iFOLIO link – and you may choose to password protect this. Users who received the iFOLIOTM service through a code from an organization understand that your profiles and aggregate data about you may be viewed by that organization to help find you more opportunities.

User is responsible for your own password.

User is responsible for how you distribute your iFOLIOTM link.  It is not up to iFolio to restrict that link

User is responsible if you share this link and that person forwards it to someone else, that is out of our control. It is up to you to password protect or unpublish that content if you believe the link may have been misappropriated or shared without your permission.

User affirms that everything you post is true and original and you have authorization to post it.

User affirms you have permissions from any person in images to use their name, likeness, or testimonial in your iFOLIOTM

Users expressly opts-in to using the iFOLIOTM service and tools and understands that iFolio collects information that helps us maintain the service and uptime.

Licensees: You are expressly forbidden to distribute user’s profiles without their express permission.

Licensees: You agree that iFolio is not responsible for anything you do with your user’s data

PROHIBITED USE As a condition of using iFolio service(s) you must not:

Use iFolio site or services to send pornographic material or content that is threatening, violent, hateful, or objectionable according to iFolio opinion.

Use iFolio site or services in violation of any United States law, or laws of its states, or of foreign jurisdictions having authority over this agreement.

Infringe on anyone else’s rights, including any action or content considered defamatory, disrespectful, or plagiarism.

Hack phish or in any way compromise the integrity of the iFolio service or site.

Use scraping tools or tools that collect or aggregate data.

Attempt to redistribute or reverse engineer the iFolio site, service, or content therein.

RULES OF USE: As a condition of using iFolio service(s) you affirm:

Everything you post is true and original and you have authorization to post it.

You have permissions to use any images, likeness, or testimonial in your iFOLIO profile

You understand that there is a “Start Over” button, which clears the content of an iFOLIO and allows you to start over. Warning, any previous recipients of this link will not be able to view that same link once changed.

User, if your account is associated with an organization, meaning they provided you a code to access the services, that organization may have access to view your profile for the express reason of helping to find more college, sports, & career opportunities for you.

Licensee, although you have access to view this information, you do not have access or permission to share it. You must get permission from User to use their information or share their information.