Jean Marie Richardson

Digital Strategist | Speaker | CEO, iFOLIO

Advisory Board, Cadence Bank

Board of Advisors, Metro Atlanta Chamber

Georgia Tech A.T. Board of Directors

Technology Innovation Council

Georgia Institute of Technology

President's Scholar

The Future of Work is Personalized Customer Engagement


Connect, engage & convert with iFOLIO® digital engagement platform

Break through the noise with enhanced digital presence & customer engagement!

Challenges in the Market

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Buyers expectations are higher. Sales reps are exhausted by up to 14 touchpoint to get that first meeting. Use digital to break through the noise at the top of the funnel and increase quality, and conversion.
Marketing creates more content than ever, yet sales never feels they have the content they need when they need it. Transition from rivalry to coordination, to increase scale and improve impact.
Buyers have flooded email inboxes and spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile device. Personalized and engaging content is critical.
Understanding where to focus the conversation per individual buyer interest is a real challenge to speeding the sales cycle and closing bigger deals.
Helping a team prioritize prospects and understand where exactly to focus the next conversation is a challenge for all sales organizations.
Imagine a Better Approach. 

iFOLIO Helps Companies with Digital Transformation

Exceed pipeline and revenue goals and meet buyer expectations faster. 

• Marketing: Personalize buyer experiences with rich digital omni channel campaigns 

• Sales:  Convert with customizable digital portfolios, video & rich multimedia.  Reach buyers where they are on mobile

• Service: Communicate information effectively across channels and with automation

• Patented Analytics for insight

Reverse CRM® & integrations to CRM

A single platform for customer engagement

Engage digitally to shorten sales cycles and optimize client outcomes.



Personalized digital campaigns to text, email or both!



Rich digital portfolios and omnichannel customer engagement across text, mobile, email, social, browser, & print



Prioritize hot prospects with patented analytics.

Leaderboard helps measure teams & reps with actionable sales intelligence.

Power Digital Engagement



Make sales easier with digital presentations, reminders, & calendar notifications.



Connect and engage clients with digital text message campaigns, visual emails, & SMS marketing



Enhance customer service with automated digital communications, analytics, and Reverse CRM®

Visual Share in Action

Digital portfolios

shared 1-to-1 with clients.

Portfolios are ~

private optional,

can be password protected,

or can be customized to a website with custom urls

Push Effectiveness

98% of text messages are read within 10 minutes of delivery

Be 4x More Data Driven with Patented Analytics


See what content is resonating, measure click throughs,

and more with iFOLIO's industry leading analytics.

Jean Marie | ASBN TV

How iFOLIO is Modernizing Your Sales Pitch with Digital Portfolios

Jean Marie Richardson is an expert on digital transformation, customer experience, the future of work ~ and the CEO of iFOLIO®.

She is a native Georgian, a Georgia Tech alumna, and has been a speaker at 18 national conferences. 

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"I'm most proud of this incredible team that makes creative innovation possible!"

~ Jean Marie

Trusted & Proven

Proud to Power over 5000 clients

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Innovation Journey

Digital Strategist | President & CEO | Speaker

Jean Marie's innovation journey started in high school with her first marketing business. She created a visual portfolio to help her college application stand out.  She received the President's Scholarship and attended Georgia Tech.  

She continued her journey in tech at Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, and Mastercard. Jean Marie was an early advocate of cx and visual storytelling in marketing & CRM:) 

At Oracle Jean Marie designed a new mobile CRM app, spearheaded the acquisition of a mobile platform company, and delivered 180 converted customers and $6 Million in new sales.
She managed the product development & market launch, secured beta customers Citibank and Konica, & the product was announced by Larry Ellison on stage at Oracle Open World conf.

At Mastercard, Jean Marie was Vice President, of B2B Commercial acceptance, growing a business from $600 Million to $1.2 Billion GDV working with financial institutions and merchants.

In 2016 Jean Marie founded iFOLIO, secured trademarks & bootstrapped the company working with awesome developers.

She was awarded patent US 10,996,933,B2 in 2021 on customer engagement web analytics.

iFOLIO powered 200+ Million seconds engagement in all 50 U.S. states & 100 countries during the pandemic!



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Jean Marie Richardson
President & CEO, iFOLIO 

Salesforce Tower, 
950 E Paces Ferry Rd, Ste 1555, ATL, 30326

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