How to connect iFOLIO Cloud + Slack

Zapier lets you send info between iFOLIO Cloud and Slack automatically—no code required.


About Slack

Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Offering instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search for modern teams.

This integration will deliver a welcome iFOLIO with everything they need to know when a new user is added in Slack.

Step 1: Slack --> iFOLIO share

Navigate to and scroll down to Popular ways to use iFOLIO Cloud.

You are looking for Send iFOLIOs to new Slack users. Then click Try it on the far right.


Step 2: Configuring your trigger step

You will then be taken to the Zapier editor and prompted to log in with your Slack account. Follow the instructions to connect your account. You should be returned to the Zapier Editor once your connection is made and can continue with the set up.

Click on Test trigger, to have Zapier find a recent registrant in your account. Once you have a successful test event, click continue to keep setting up your Zap.


Step 3: Configuring your action step

Now it’s time to configure the action aka iFOLIO share!

Follow the instructions to locate your iFOLIO API Key and connect your account. Note ~ only managers have access to API Keys so ask your manager or to get the key.

Click Yes, Continue. Now you should be in the set up action portion of your action. Some fields should already be configured for you.


Step 4: Setting up actions

Once your account is connected click continue and you should be in the Set up Action portion of your action.

At this point, some fields are already configured for you. You will need to select the User who owns the iFOLIO you wish to send. The dropdown will populate with all users you have access to.

Once you select a user, you can select the published iFOLIO you wish to send. If you are gathering the phone number from your Calendly form, you can insert that as well and an email and sms message will be sent.


Step 5a: Message Type


Lastly, select the Message and Signature you wish to send. You can use your default share message, search for a specific message by name, or create a custom one in Zapier!

You can add / edit the share message under Share Settings on iFOLIO dashboard.

Step 5b: Signature


For signatures, you can use your default signature or create a custom one from in Zapier.

You can edit your default signature on the Share Settings of iFOLIO dashboard.

Step 6: Testing your Zap

Once all your fields are configured, you can test your action step (we recommend only testing if you are the one you are sending it too!) and turn on your Zap!


You're all set!

So, now you have linked your Slack account and successfully tested your trigger. It’s time to give yourself a high-five and keep trucking along.

Once you turn on your Zap, Zapier will automatically share your iFOLIO every time there is a new Slack user added.


Other Ways to Integrate iFOLIO + Zapier


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